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Equipment Guidance
Lancaster Labs Contract Sterility Testing Facility

       Photo Tour of Existing Sterility Testing Suite
       360 Photo Tour of Existing Sterility Testing Suite
       PDF of Existing Sterility Testing Suite's Room Layout
Sterility Test Isolators

       Sterility Test Room Layouts Large | Small
       Isolator Drawings for la Calhéne
       Isolator Features for Walker

BioReliance Contract Clinical Filling Facility

  COMING SOON - Photo Tour of New Isolated Clinical Scale Filling Suite, including isolators integrated with an autoclave, dry heat oven, and lyophilizer. Link to http://www.bioreliance.com
Aventis Pasteur’s Vaccine Filling System

  Photo Tour of Isolated Vaccine Filling Facility

  Isolator Equipment Manufacturers
  Carlisle Barrier Systems
  la Calhéne