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The American Glovebox Society

The American Glovebox Society is a non-profit organization formed for advancing the science of glovebox technology of which barriers, isolators, enclosures, mini-environments, and safety cabinets are several applications. Visit this site to view publications.


American Society for Microbiology

American Society for Microbiology is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the microbiological sciences and their application for the common good. Visit the Publications site to view their web-based collection of scholarly resources regarding the microbial world.

International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering


International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering is a world wide non-profit Society of technical professionals who apply their practical knowledge in the regulated healthcare manufacturing industries. ISPE keeps industry professionals informed of the latest technological and regulatory trends that are occurring in the marketplace. Visit their Professional Development site to view the continuing education courses and the training programs that are offered by the ISPE. Also, visit the Publications site where back issues of Pharmaceutical Engineering® or copies of specific journal articles can be ordered. Pharmaceutical Engineering® is a bimonthly journal where the feature articles provide practical application and specification information on the design, construction, supervision and maintenance of process equipment, plant systems, instrumentation and facilities.

Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention


Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention (PIC) and the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC Scheme) operating together as PIC/S (European organization) provide an active and constructive co-operation in the field of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The purpose of PIC/S includes mutual recognition of inspections, harmonization of GMP requirements, uniform inspection systems, training of inspectors, and the exchange of information and experience in the field of GMP and related areas. Visit the Publications site for a list of PIC/S documents that are available for purchase, and for general documents such as Sterility Testing and Validation of Aseptic Processing.

The Parenteral Drug Association


The Parenteral Drug Association is your source for the latest scientific, technical, and regulatory information on bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality. Visit their web site to access Online Forums such as the Pharmaceutical Sci-Tech Discussion Group, order PDA publications at the Technical Resources and Documents site, review PDA comments on select Regulatory Documents, and review PDA's scheduled educational courses and their content at PDA-TRI.